Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Assassin's Creed III (3) Better Performance Guide

Better Performance Guide

If your still having performance issues with your game after patching it. Your problem most likely has to do with your computer and/or your graphics card itself. A lot of issues for this game has to do with "not enough computer memory (ram)". However; I found this guide below that helped improve my graphics card for this game. Hope it helps you as-well!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to patch R.G.Mechanics Assassin's Creed III (3)

Assassin's Creed III (3) Patch Issues and Problems

First, I have been wanting to play this game for a very longtime. So, I spent hours in search of this game and came across a (not so big to download) version of it on the internet. The version of the game was by R.G.Mechanics. I started the download and was already getting pumped up and excited to play the game. The download completed and I followed each and every step to install it.

Boy I didn't know I was going to be in the ride of my life!

Anyways, I started the game after installation and begin to play. The game came to the main screen and I started smiling. After that I clicked and started the story. The game started up and I could already tell it wasn't gonna be great.

This game started out with the MOST lag I have ever seen in a game period!

The words wasn't keeping up with the characters. You would warp from one spot to another in an instant (like flash). When you get to BOSTON your computer slows down dramatically and lag appears like crazy. This game was horrible, if I may say so myself?..

Anyways, to the point and fixes...

After  hours and hours and eventually a complete whole day searching for ways to fix R.G.Mechanics version of Assassin's Creed 3.. And after hours upon hours of not being able to find any FUCKING true solutions! (I guess people don't know how to just give a simple exclamations). I have finally fixed it and the game runs perfectly.

To save all of you who have downloaded this version of the game... time!  I have created a tutorial below for you people. Each error I got and each step I took to fix it is in here. Now, follow each and every instruction below step by step. If you do, then your game should run as perfect as mine does. Good Luck!

The R.G.Mechanics Assassin's Creed 3 Patch and Fix Guide

(1.) Make sure your game is completely compatible with Assassin's Creed 3. Even right down to the amount of memory your computer has can effect the out come of gameplay.

(2.) Some of you may come across errors where your missing DLL's. Don't download these from the internet because it just leaves the game with more errors. You have to have either WINDOWS VISTA - SERVICE PACK 2 or WINDOWS 7 - Service Pack 1 installed as your windows operating system. If not, then you will have to upgrade like I did. Sorry!

(3.) R.G.Mechanics version of Assassin's Creed 3 is the Russian version of the game. So you will need to download the Russian patches for this game.

If you have downloaded the English patch versions (which won't work with this version of the game). You will get the following popup as seen below.

"This updated is not compatible with the current installed game"

No worries.. All you have to do is download the Russian patch versions of the game. The file names should look like these (AssassinsCreed3Updater1.02_RUS.exe, AssassinsCreed3Updater1.03_RUS.exe, AssassinsCreed3Updater1.04_RUS.exe, AssassinsCreed3Updater1.05_RUS.exe, AssassinsCreed3Updater1.06_RUS.exe)

You can get them here:
And v1.02 RUS here:

(4.) Now when trying to run the new patches you will be faced with the next difficult error. This error is quite tricky and is the error that took me hours to figure out. Please follow the next instructions carefully and do it step by step. Be Patient!

When trying to run the patches you will get this error as below...

"Couldn't backup file C:\Program Files\Assassin's Creed III\multi\DataPC.forge to file C:\Program Files\Assassin's Creed III\PATCH_BACKUP\multi\DataPC.forge"

the next one...

"An error occured during updating multi\DataPC.forge"

Now follow these next steps for each version your installing. You will have to do each step the same way for each patch!

1. Open your Temp folder. Easily done by (start button and running %Temp%) or by going to (C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp)

2. Delete all files and folders (that you can) in your Temp directory.

3. Open your first patch which should be v1.02... DO NOT click anything!.. Just open it!

I'm going to use v1.04 patch as an example for this next step. 

4. Go back to your Temp directory and open the {CBF46C3A-CAC4-41B2-B055-4CF3A81AEE36} folder.

Each version has a different name. Remember, I'm using v1.04 as an example.

5. Open the DISK1 folder inside the folder like above. Next, open the deltaFiles folder. Then, open the multi folder. 

6. Delete everything you see inside the multi folder. It should be empty if you do it correctly.

7. Continue running your patch and it should patch your game to that version without a problem. 

You have to do all 7 steps above for each patch!

You don't have to do the steps above for patch v1.06!